UTOPIA MECHANISM is a webcomic created by 343guiltyShark, featuring a world of anthropomorphic cats, science fiction, slice-of-life adventures, and slow-burn psychological horror.

The comic follows two friends [and more]: Chester Moore [he/they] and Felix Carter [he/she/it]. Both are strong students, overachievers even, with long-standing interests in science and engineering. The comic follows them after they graduate from the prestigious Utopia City School for the Gifted.

Over the following summer, they pursue new horizons and greater achievements, meeting plenty of new friends and getting into strange adventures along the way.

But Felix and Chester aren't as perfect as they may seem, and one mistake could cost them everything.


2/28/2023: The content warnings page has been updated. Some warnings have been added, "blacklisted topics" that will not appear in the comic have been added, and further clarification has been given to warnings I felt deserved it.
Also, ignore any wacky code shenanigans that may have briefly popped up here- I tried adding in the pagedolls from, but ultimately didn't end up liking the way they looked. I may at some point make new ones specifically for the site, so look forward to that?

1/5/2023: Wondering what's up with the comic/lack of updates? Check out the post here for a look at what's been going on behind the scenes.

12/18/2022: Ref sheets on the cast page have been updated.

11/28/2022: The page with content warnings has been updated. There are now two distinct sections, one for major story elements/things that could count as spoilers and one that's spoiler-free.

9/1/2022: Content warnings have been added for the comic.

8/24/2022: Mobile formatting should be up for most of the website. It may still be broken for a few devices, though.

8/23/2022: Mobile formatting updated- it's mostly functional on the homepage, although the chapter select feature doesn't work on mobile. Mobile formatting is still very much broken for comic pages, though.

8/22/2022: Work started on THIS WEBSITE! That's right- on top of being hosted on the Tumblr blog, UTOPIA MECHANISM will be hosted on its very own website- this is largely for ease of reading, since comic hosting on Tumblr... isn't great. Updates will still happen on Tumblr, but the website will have them, too! This website is best viewed on desktop, since the mobile formatting is still a work-in-progress.