Chester [he/they, nonbinary gay] is the main character of UTOPIA MECHANISM, and he's handling things pretty well. He's a skilled engineer and a decent writer, although their skills lie more with research than with presentation. They have a pretty casual outlook on things, and generally don't have many hills they're willing to die on- except for one: he gets incredibly nervous if he hasn't personally checked the security of whatever he designs, and he refuses to submit anything he hasn't thoroughly tested. Overall, though, they're just a smart and fun-loving guy.


Felix [he/she/it, unlabeled] is Chester's best-friend-turned-partner, and his colleague in science. While Chester is gifted on the hardware side of things, Felix is a skilled programmer and developer, with multiple forays into artificial intelligence under her belt. Despite his more introverted nature, he's better at public speaking than Chester, and is excellent at making himself look good when it comes to his projects. She's a bit more uptight than Chester, but she still knows how to have fun and joke around- she just doesn't always get it at first.


Simon [he/him, bisexual trans man] is Felix and Chester's newfound friend and bug identifier. He's in possession of a breadth of knowledge on a variety of subjects, and also happens to speak in such a manner as to make every statement either seem incredibly earnest or entirely sarcastic, without any distinction between the two. He loves nature, hiking, science, and [although he'd never publicly admit it] flexing the things he knows- partially just for his own benefit, partially because he genuinely enjoys teaching others. He's eager to identify any plant, animal, musical genre, actor- whatever it is, he's likely to know [or pretend like he does].